Why Choose us?

It’s so important to pick a wedding photographer that you VIBE with. You spend the entire day with the photographer.

You will spend more time with them than you will your spouse!

I truly love serving my clients. I have been part of the decorating team when weddings were running behind, part of the transportation to and from venues, helped with timeline and coordination, I’ve taken shots with the bridal parties, bustled dresses, ran interference with drunk guests, delivered gifts and last but certainly not least been the main hype girl.

A lot of photographers hate the last part of a wedding but I live for a good party, you can find me on the dance floor. T I have even been known to start the dancing!

I’m there to make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible. While making sure that you have all the photos to remember everything!

If it sounds like we would be a good match send me a message!